Houston Metropolitan Chamber / Golf Fundraiser Website

We developed an event-specific website to offer more and dedicated online experience to attendees on the 30th birthday of the annual golf fundraiser and silent auction.

Client Name

Houston Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce


WordPress,UI/UX Design,Responsive Design,SEO Compatible

The annual golf tournament is a very significant event for Houston Metropolitan Chamber serving as a fundraiser for the chamber while supporting various community groups. Although being able to add regular news/announcements on their main website, there was a need to promote the golf event. A specific event website is not only a place to give information but also an excellent tool to engage with current and future attendees while promoting the event online.

Considering the goal and the need, we dreamed of online experience for the users where the event explains its story. And then, we brought it to existence.

Experiencing the user journey

Having its own colors and style the website combines the green of golf and dynamism of sport. UI/UX principles along with all features and components take the user to a journey in the world of the tournament.

The value proposition of the tournament is placed on a striking picture of a golf player. For quick-deciders, there comes the register button to direct these users to registration page while triggering action for the other users. Then the text and image sections describe the background, details, and contributors with a Z-pattern followed by the admission and sponsorship packages. Each package calls for action with a super-green register button. The gallery is to show the environment of previous events, displaying the fantastic moments of attendees. Announcements, downloads, social media links, contact features are fulfilling the journey of the user.

In every place, the website for the Annual Golf Tournament calls for action and invites the user to attend the event while delivering the required information.

“Special thank you to Orange Aliens for designing the Houston Metropolitan Chamber’s Golf webpage for our 30th Annual Golf Tournament and Silent Auction. Orange Aliens is one of the brightest stars on the website development horizon. They listen, make suggestions and collaborate with you every step along the way. Their high level of communication helps ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end product.”